Telluride Co with Fantasy Author Jasmine Johnson

Telluride Colorado has been referred to as one of the most beautiful ski towns in the United State. A box canyon situated in the San Juan Mountains surrounded by the highest concentration of 13,000-14,000 high peaks attribute to its soaring majestic views. This ski resort town hosts a vast array of winter tourist adventures, making Telluride perfect for those who love winter sports.

For this feature, however, we decided to visit Telluride during the summer with fantasy author Jasmine Johnson as our guide. Jasmine is a hot up and coming fiction novelist who’s newest storyline, a dual release for ‘Event Horizon Series’, is set in the Telluride Mountains. Jasmine had just turned 21 the week of our Telluride trip and has already achieved greatness in her young lifetime. At the age of 21 she has already published 6 books! It makes sense that such an inspiring young woman would choose an inspiring background, such as Telluride, for her storyline.

As we toured Telluride and visited a few of the special spots featured in Jasmine’s books, we fell in love with the peacefulness of summer days in Telluride. The warm sun shining bright over the multitude of green foliage from the many pine tree species and alpines lining every street, towering above everything except the peaks. The clear bluebird skies give the sun room to shine in all its glory over the wildflower meadows and crystal blue lakes. Yet the mountain air is still crisp enough to keep you completely comfortable.

The temperatures ranged from the mid 40s in the mornings to the 70s on the sunny afternoons. Which make it perfect weather for the locals to walk their dogs on the sidewalks of the seemingly timeless town center of Telluride Co. A town which hosts historic buildings dating back to the late 1800s. Lunch on the patio at one of Main Street's cozy restaurants seems to draw out the locals and friendly conversation. While tourists take to the streets, hiking trails, beautiful rivers and rooftop top patios looking for the perfect photo, most hoping to catch the snow still atop a few of the massive peaks surrounding them in each photo.

I am a beach girl myself, but I must say, it doesn’t get much better than a summer day in Telluride Co. The people are friendly, the vibe is chill, and did I mention the views???

Our visit to Telluride and our interview with Jasmine Johnson, left us inspired and motivated to catch all of our dreams. We hope you enjoy our chat with this amazing young, female, american author and some of the beautiful photos we were able to capture her exploring the town of Telluride Co.


We have read your pre-released author copies of your upcoming series ‘Event Horizons’ and wow, how do you come up with these ideas?

“I’ve always been fascinated with mythology wether its Greek, Norse, Roman, biblical, etc, and I’ve always loved twisting those around or looking at them from a new perspective. That’s where The Event Horizon Series idea came from. It’s a new way of looking at the Seven Sins and the Seven Virtues in a modern setting with some others from biblical mythology - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Archangels for example.”

How long have you been writing?

“When I was around twelve years old, I was just sort of hit with this epiphany. I was going to be an author. There was no doubt in my mind. My mom came to pick me up from school, I hopped in the car, and said, “Mom, I’m going to be an author. That’s going to be my career. I will never be anything else, but an author.” And I’ve never lost that feeling. I still love writing and creating. I don’t see myself as anything else, honestly.”

Why did you choose Telluride?

“My mom has a friend who has been going up to Telluride for years, and she always comes back talking about the mountains and how amazing the town was. After hearing her rave about it a few times, I started doing some research on the town. It took maybe two pictures before I knew that’s where I wanted the books to take place. It’s just the perfect place, not only for the training they do in the book, but also for meditating, taking photos, and hiking. All of which are in the books.”

What’s your favorite thing about Telluride? If you had to pick just 1 thing.

“Just one? I love how quiet it can be. That’s one thing that you can’t learn from Google. When you wake up in the morning, and walk outside, you are greeted with towering pine trees and birds… And that’s it. It was so quiet and so still, and so overwhelmingly peaceful. If I hadn’t seen the birds, I would’ve had no idea that they were even there. I’m also from Texas where the trees have a habit of screaming in the Summer, so it was a drastic contrast from home.”

What is your favorite part of being an author?

“Well my first instinct is to say working in my pajamas, but that’s not really my favorite part. I really love having the ability to create worlds and characters that people can lose themselves in. My main goal when writing is to be able to give someone the chance to truly immerse themselves into a fantasy world and leave reality for even just a moment.”

What’s the goal for your Event Horizon Series?

“Enjoyment! It’s a fun adventure with these, in my personal opinion, amazing characters who quite often clash with each other in humorous ways. While it can have a little angst sometimes, it is a story with an underlying current of hope and family and friendship and humor. I just really hope people get a sense of joy from reading the books. That’s what I get from writing them.”

Are you Team Sins or Team Virtues?

“Ha! I’m not allowed to pick favorites! Honestly, I’m both. I love the Sins and the Virtues and their respective ‘mentors’ so it’s really hard for me to choose a favorite. I do have a soft spot for Karma, though. She is one of the first characters I ever truly created, and fleshed out, and I just love her. Maybe I’m just Team Karma?”

Do you have a favorite character in Wrath and/or Patience?

“Karma, hands down. She’s like my own version of a superhero. She’s just awesome. Not that any of the other characters aren’t, I just really love Karma’s general attitude and characteristics. Plus, I love cats.”

Do any of your characters take after yourself?

“No. I try to keep them separate from me. Partly, because I think I’m boring, but also because it’s a lot of fun to write characters that are so different from me.”

Who’s your biggest fan so far?

“My mom, definitely. She reads all of my books first, she helps me storyboard, she’s listened to my countless rambles of me trying to figure out certain plot points, and she’s just really supportive. Though that support is mainly for Roman. He’s definitely her favorite of the bunch.”

What has been your biggest challenge as a self published author?

“There’s certainly been a couple of challenges. I’d say one of the biggest is editing. I don’t have a professional editor - for a couple reasons - so a lot of the editing is just me. It can take quite a bit of time and it can be tedious.”

You have a book, Nyx’s Chosen, that’s been out (self published) for a year now, how is that one going?

“It’s great! I didn’t do any marketing for it, but it has still sold over 700 copies and counting.”

When will Wrath and Patience be released and where can we get copies?

“It was actually just released! It's available on iBooks, Kindle, Amazon, my website, and in local bookstores.”

What would you like to say to other people of your generation who have big dreams too?

“Never give up. Ignore anyone who tries to tear you down for something that makes you happy. As long as you’re not hurting anyone or anything, you should totally go for whatever makes you happy.”

Lastly, will you please autograph my copy of Wrath and Patience?

“Of course!”

Wrath/Patience: Event Horizon Series Book One available now. Ask for it at your local bookstore or find it online.

You can find the official press release here.

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