St John is the place to be in the US Virgin Islands

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Nothing makes us want to travel more than quarantine cabin fever. With the cost of travel at an all time low, many people are planning summer trips now and dreaming of days on the beach and nights full of social life.

One place on the travel todo list is often referred to as the “Beverly Hills of the Caribbean,” St. John U.S. Virgin Islands. St. John is a destination hotspot and is dedicated to its guests. With its near perfect weather, gorgeous sun-baked beaches, a massive national park that covers nearly two-thirds of the island, thriving coral reefs and friendly locals, it’s hard to argue why this island gets such rave reviews. Since the currency there is US$ , you don’t have to worry about the exchange rate you would have on many of the other beautiful tropical islands in the caribbean, your credit cards, cash and most cell Phones will all work just like at home.

So where exactly is St. John in the caribbean? Can I fly there direct?

Although there are no direct flights to St John, a direct flight from nearly any major Hub lands you on its sister island, St. Thomas. St. Thomas is a great place to get acclimated to the Caribbean, allowing travelers the opportunity to downshift one gear at a time giving travelers their first glimpse of the Virgin Island Paradise. From there you take a short journey over to St John to begin a vacation you won’t soon forget.

Spring through summer is a busy time on St John for tourism, however cruise ships don’t dock here which give it a less crowded vibe.

If you prefer to travel when tourism is low, Thanksgiving through the first 2 weeks of December are a great time to travel to St. John. High season rates aren’t yet in effect on accommodations, and many places will offer a discount for 7-10 day for a private home rental during the slow season. Let the crowds go to the Ski resorts for the winter holidays, I'll be on the beach! And with delicious food for all palets, from date night to family brunch you will surely find a few favorites and maybe a new Thanksgiving favorite.

Things not to miss during your trip:

● The VI National Park Headquarters​ is a good place to check in at the beginning of your vacation.. There are many celebrations, festivals and activities and they will have the full scoop.

● Enjoy nightly sunsets, clear blue warm waters, and clean white sandy beaches all without dishing out another dollar.

● Hike through the ​Virgin Islands National Park.​

Ram’s Head Hike, ​located near Drunk Bay Beach on the far side of the island and depending on the

season you might be able to harvest some sea salt too!

● Half-day snorkel trip at Trunk Bay Beach is a must!

● If looking for a romantic trip, a stay at Tony Caneel Bay Resort, which claims seven private

beaches might be just what the Love Doctor ordered.

● A day visiting the can be pricey and time consuming, but it is also something you can’t

easily replicate— especially if you visit The Baths, Indians or Caves. It’s like seeing the 8th wonder of the world.

One thing for sure is, you will find plenty of luxuries, especially when it comes to dining, accommodation and activities on St John.

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