Tia Minzoni 

As a veteran marketing executive with a specialty in data-driven marketing, and sales & business coaching, I have worked with media companies, agencies, business owners, start-ups, and enterprises for decades.

My vision is to bring the most advanced marketing capabilities to companies of all sizes, without discrimination. It's an important step in leveling the playing field so that local, and regional businesses may compete with the national brands.


Coming from generations of entrepreneurs and business owners, I'm passionate about bringing marketing advantages afforded to national brands, to all size businesses. ​Alongside this passion is my desire to help others obtain their goals through strategy, analysis, coaching, inspiration, and empowerment.


When we take lessons from others and implement them, there are fewer mistakes we make ourselves and in our businesses. So for those eager to learn, like me, I hope to generate great intellectual value for you. ​I find fulfillment in coaching and consulting both clients and colleagues.


There's something I call 'The Miraculous State of Mind' which I share with others and use myself, to reach dreams and goals which are seemingly impossible at first. ​​


Travel, journalism, and photography are my most practiced hobbies. I also enjoy dance, art, design, and reading. Now that my son and four daughters are grown, I have more time to do all the things I enjoy, including being a Mimi to their many offspring.


Days at home, my two Newfoundland dogs, miniature schnauzers, and my youngest daughter, best-selling author Jasmine Johnson, keep me busy and entertained. ​

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